Tuesday, April 28, 2009


In Sociological factors female and men have different tastes most of the females go for fuel efficient cars mostly they do not care about the engine size they mostly like compact cars. The Volkswagen Beetle and Ford Mustang are the examples of famous brands sports cars and luxury cars. The age factor is also very important while designing among females. While Men mostly like the powerful and high performance cars like sports cars. The buying power has a great impact on the automotive industry that’s why cars, the middle age people like reliable and fuel efficient cars but the teenagers like high per capita income has more consumption of cars, like America, Eastern Europe and every any has launching Hybrid and fuel efficient cars. In the Middle East side people prefer heavy duty cars due to China. Every one prefers a car so it’s a great advantage for automotive makers to capture inexpensive fuel. The status conscious people in West prefer specific life styles, for Rolls Royse, Bentley and Jaguars. For instance people in America use limousines, and in England people like royal cars like Rolls Royse, Bentley and Jaguars.

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