Friday, May 1, 2009

Audi TT

Audi TT has become one of the ultimate fashion accessories of the 21st century, with stunning concept car design, legendary engineering and a great record for reliability.
Three years since its UK launch - and four after it first went on sale in Europe and the US the TT is still a head-turner. Its curvy styling doesn't appear to age, and the line-up offers panache, performance and practicality.

In driving terms, it's more touring car than hardcore sportster, but the VW Golf chassis and 4WD can handle most roads. The earliest models came here in 1998, but were grey imports. Left-hand drive only, they were popular at first, but have become much less so as second-hand right-hookers have become more widely available.
The TT holds its value well, so be wary of cheap cars. Most used examples are for sale in the dealer network, and buy these if you need peace of mind. But if you're after a bargain, then Audi specialists and private ads are the best source of keenly priced cars.

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