Tuesday, April 28, 2009


The future expected drivers for the global automobile industry are internet, telematics and other technological innovations. The era in which we are living is the era of being online or connected for that purpose mass customization is playing an important role by the automotive makers. Telematics is an art of using technology inside the vehicle. It is reported that such equipments might include enhanced mode of personal communication

(phone/fax, email), convenience facilities (travel and restaurant reservations, interactive shopping), safety sensors to ensure safe distance between adjacent vehicles, security aspects (stolen vehicle tracking), toll collection options and navigation (GPS locators with directions to destination). Also it helped the driver by giving accurate information about obstacles on the roadway, traffic jams, uneven road surfaces, etc.

On the other end the technological advancements in the designs of cars with less emission fuel technology and changes in the structure of engines of automobiles to get rid of minerals and fuels are taking place.

For instance hybrid vehicles and fuel cell technologies were regarded as the breakthrough innovations likely to alter the structure of the industry in the days to come.

Fuel-cell vehicle obtains its energy following a reaction between hydrogen and oxygen.

Hybrids combine a small combustion engine with an electric motor and battery. The two technologies can be combined to reduce fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions.

The hydrogen cars are another type of technology which is being used by American automotive makers recently launches 200000 lack cars with Hydrogen Fuel Technology and investing $1.3Billion to commercialize it. At the end of 2008 they are planning to launch 600000 more cars of the same technology.

Honda is aiming to launch a car with Hybrid technology by 2010 which can cover 1500 Miles with one fuel tank.

The bio fuel cars are playing an important role to cut down the fuel costs up to 60% which ca cover a distance of 60 miles in a gallon.

Recently Audi launches a car model R8 with a weight of 200Kgs it can reach up to 200 Km / Hour with a powerful road grip with such a light weight materials.

These kind of technological changes are breaking the old rules of automotive making…

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