Thursday, April 2, 2009

OPPURTUNITIES Available For Automotive Companies

Automotive companies need to transform engineering research and development (ER&D) to be more effective in product creation, design and development is the top priority for the automotive industry.

However, the engine within a company – the ER&D organization that envisions, creates, designs and develops products – must be fundamentally changed.

Product creation is shifting from internally focused, closed door, invent-within to external collaboration, open platforms and joint development.

Green Technology Cars: Recently BMW is producing green manufacturing units which are easily recyclable it means that if they produce a cars its each part can be utilized afterwards so it’s a great opportunity for every automobile maker to use this technology in future to save the extra raw materials costs and to make highly productive cars in the future of automobile industry.

True Blue Solutions: The Daimler Group has given a new solution for future cars there will be no use of fuels in the cars, the Fuel-cell vehicle obtains its energy following a reaction between hydrogen and oxygen. Thus it’s a great step in the field of automobile industry to cop up the shortage of oil and other minerals.

Hybrid Technology: Hybrids combine a small combustion engine with an electric motor and battery. The two technologies can be combined to reduce fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions. Hybrids capture energy lost during braking and return it to the battery, called "regenerative braking." A hybrid engine also operates more efficiently and produces less pollution than does combustion alone.

There are many more opportunities for global automotive industry to save raw materials and labor costs to shift their manufacturing units towards India & China due to low costs tax and electricity free zones.

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