Friday, April 3, 2009


Pakistani automobile industry is quite different from the global automobile industry mostly Pakistan motor industry is based on joint ventures

In Pakistan we first had Suzuki Company in mid-80 near Karachi. Later on we had Toyota (Karachi), KIA (Karachi) and Honda (Lahore) Companies. All of them build their popular compact sedans Corolla, Pride and Civic/City respectively; whereby all R&D is done in Japan/Korea and CKD's (Completely Knocked-Down) kits are shipped to Pakistan to assemble them into cars. All model changes and styling changes are initiated in Japan.
In other part of world the whole car is produced from research development to formation of the car is done on the same country Automobile plants in china and India are the live examples. Because of the level of commitment China’s Chery motor and India’s Tata motor (local companies) has emerged as a big threat to other big car manufacturers in the industry. Recently there was news that BMW is starting manufacturing in Pakistan but that plan doesn’t succeed.

If we take a comparison of Pakistan card industry with Global ca industry then we won’t find any kind of similarity except that after some calculated time the new model of SUZUKI MEHRAN is launched but with all same features just the difference is the new price and slight modification in outlook of the car that is how Pakistani car manufacturing is working out.

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