Saturday, March 28, 2009

BMW Is Making Cars From Garbage/Trash (The Power Of Methane Gas)

BMW Automobiles are one of the greatest German Automobiles manufacturer in all over the world. BMW always stand a step forward in the automobile industry. Recently it was reveled on National Geographic Channels’ documentary that BMW has started making cars from garbage/trash, by doing so BMW saved their cost of electricity about 63%. One of their engineer said that if we don’t use this methane gas technology we have to double the cost of our cars. It’s for sure about this fact that the energy crises are covering every country industry and businesses so BMW has given an opportunity to the world that they know how to live and compete the world.
The formula is about the conversion of methane gas into power from the nearby landfill of Spartanburg facility in USA. The main step of doing this to promote the environment protection, utilizing the resources correctly and BMW is doing so. Use of Methane gas also saving $1Millon a year of the electricity costs of their plants. The utmost benefit of recycling the methane gas is to save the air from polluting. Recently BMW has won the EPA’s Landfill Methane Partner Award which is a biggest achievement itself. That's is what
"The Ultimate Driving Machine" is all about, We Never Stop...

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