Sunday, May 10, 2009

Audi Q7

The Jumbo Size 4*4 Size off roader with extra sitting capacity and unique sitting style can make a lot of difference in SUVs . But the heavy sides and tall nose make it look big, massive and weighty, while its sheer size means the styling comes across as inept – BMW’s decision not to follow suit and build an equally large machine seems to be a clever move. There’s no denying it’s spacious – not even the Land Rover could match the Audi’s 2,040mm maximum load length, while the X5 fell 155mm short. The one-piece tailgate makes the area more accessible, too – were it not for the high load sill. Even with the air-suspension lowered, the boot floor is 830mm above the road, and when you combine this with the low roofline, the height of the cabin is limited. That hampers maximum load volume, and is also bad news for headroom.

The last seats are standard in the Q7, and they undoubtedly offer more knee clearance than the X5’s – although mature people will still be sitting with their legs splayed. Access is awkward, too, but more puzzlingly the middle row features a shorter, narrower and harder centre chair, which quickly becomes uncomfortable.

The Q7 range starts from £37,285, so it undercuts the X5. But both models have costly and extensive options lists – the extras added to our Audi raised the price by nearly £7,000.

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