Saturday, April 11, 2009

Audi A6

Competitors of Audi are trying to put many efforts as much they can but the problem is that they cannot tap up with the upcoming Audi's models which are unique outclass fully up to date and technology oriented in nature so its very difficult to beat them.
And the attractive looks (even the controversial front grille is growing) haven’t come at the expense of the packaging. At 546 liters, the boot is bigger than the E-Class’s, while rear seat space is bountiful although the raised center rest on and big transmission tunnels mean all four cars are limited to carrying four, rather than five, in comfort.
The A6 has the best cockpit. While the toggle gear isn’t as logically laid out as in the Volvo or Merc, the adventurous design creates an unrivaled sense of occasion. You do sit a little high, though sticking with manual seats rather than our test car’s electric items might help matters. And that’s not just the end about Audi it’s the start.

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